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SL(G)@1-1 Olympia Warriors

If you look at the H2H table, you’ll see that these two teams haven’t ended their games in a DRAW during their last 4 meetings. This is good. After studying Olympia Warrior’s history of last 9 matches played at home, only one ended in a DRAW. This is good too, as the probability of this …

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SL(G)@0-1 Viborg

https://view.vzaar.com/21671186/video Case Study: Viborg vs Skive IK Market Condition for SL(G) was @0-1 Scoreline. The reason why this game was also selected for the 2nd goal is because Viborg FF s high goal scoring and has a historical trend of winning at home. A BigHDP was also given by Viborg FF duing Half Time.

SL(G)@0-1 Ansan Green

Case Study: SL(G)@0-1 Ansan Green   Here’s a great example of SL(G)@0-1 valid for the day. And here’s our goal which we predicted for the Ansan Green game later on in the afternoon.

SL(G) Checklist

SL(G) Checklist   You can print out this checklist to help you stay on track  when playing this method.   Check out the past score lines for that day – look for any valid SL(G) patterns that are producing subsequent goals. Always go for games featuring teams fulfill multiple goal variables if possible. HGSC, HV, …

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What if SL(G) Fails?

What if SL(G) Fails?   If one game which you’ve prospected for SL(G) fails, wait for the next one to arrive. This is what I call the SL(G) pause. You will experience SL(G) pauses, but once they return, that’s when you cash in. So if you’re willing to wait, ONLY BET after the the SL(G) …

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Verification Process for SL(G)

Verification Process First, Be Sure the Scoreline Works! Conduct a market validation to ensure that the SL(G) is in effect. The best time to implement this method is mid-market. This is when you can gather more data and sample in regards to how the market is behaving. The SL(G) trend does not repeat itself everyday. …

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Case Study for SL(G)@1-1

STEPS Remember: SL(G) is when you first monitor which halftime scoreline results are consistently producing a subsequent goal on the market (for that block hour).   Case Study: SL(G)@1-1 For e.g, take a look at the below screen shots. Notice how all the games ending in 1-1@HT produced a goal during the second half.   …

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Scoreline Goal – Introduction

SL(G) – Scoreline Goals Difficulty: Medium Time: Requires more market monitoring and involvement NOTE: Apply this method when you have the capital or earnings. This a very lucrative method if you manage to invest after a particular SL(G) pause. It is recommended that you build your capital first with the Cherry Pick method.   What …

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