Lesson Category: Module 16


Congratulations   You’ve now officially graduated from the bootcamp; but the real test starts here. It’s up to you now to go back and fully understand the vault of distilled research provided. Stay disciplined in following the framework presented. I wish you nothing short of success. If any of the lessons are still unclear to …

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The Golden Insight

10% Effort, 90% Returns As you should know by now, being too actively involved with market watching isn’t going to increase your odds of winning. The gods of fortune will not reward for for spending more time on betting. 90% of your major returns, will come from 10% of the effort you put in. What …

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Underrated Facts

To choose which games you’d like to play, is such an underrated freedom. Use this fact as your anchor. You are in charge. Most rookies in this game think they need to play everyday – clearly you don’t, and shouldn’t. Restrain from from betting daily (that’s just gambling). build your muscle to ‘wait’. Appreciate soccer …

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