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Biggest Enemy

The biggest enemy  isn’t the bookie, it’s yourself. 95% of the time when a client or student sends me his latest performance statement, I see random bets placed due to ‘boredom, impatience, or itch to play.’ This is a result of their discipline being compromised. Live soccer betting can be dangerous when you are prone …

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It’s not surprising.  We’re all human – we will make mistakes. However, soccer betting is a sport where we’re most prone to repeat the same mistakes. Be aware of this. I’ve committed the biggest whirlwind of retarded and impulse-fueled bets –either when I got too cocky from a good run, or whenever I was was …

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Five Culprits to Losing

  If you’ve identified your own personal weakness which is not on the list (for e.g, not having enough time to monitor the market) write them down and see how they’re actually affecting your performance.  

Self Assessment

Module 3   Welcome to Module 3. Before we get into the nitty-gritty on how to detect goals, let’s first do a strict and honest self-audit. You see, knowing how to read odds and foresee goals is just half the battle – the other half is probably the toughest, and it starts with ourselves. Strength …

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The Misconception

When it comes to soccer betting, I know you have many options. You can make money from: Handicap Odds, Selecting the Goal Scorer, Yellow Cards Collection, Total Corner Kicks by Full Time. Here’s what I can tell you: More options = more margin for errors/loss. Don’t be misconceived. More options was never better. The more …

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Untold Reality

Games Get Fixed Here’s the truth about this business: Many games get fixed. Most people still can’t accept (and never will) accept this truth. We were raised to innocently believe that soccer is a real competitive sport, with no corruption involved. The quick-and-easy explanation: Soccer is a form of entertainment, commissioned by investors, sponsors, groups. …

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